Cairo, Egypt



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Sharm el Sheikh, the modernist beaches in Egypt

The city of Sharm el Sheikh, is the most touristic city in Egypt. Althoug


Hurghada, Maldives of Egypt

It is your ideal holiday destination if you are looking to relax and to connect with mother nature!It is a city located in southeastern


Sinai Peninsula, a holy land and Egyptian border

Sinai Peninsula, a holy land and Egyptian border The Sinai Peninsula is located northeast of


Dahab, the most famous beach in Egypt

Dahab is a small town located in Sinai Peninsula, one hour from the city of Sharm El Sheikh and almost 536 km from


Aswan, the best view of the Nile river

In the Ancient Egyptian era it was known as Syerene, the most important commercial point with Africa.Is located in Upper


Luxor: Thebes capital of Ancient Egypt

• The denomination of Luxor as the city of a thousand doors is attributed to the number of temple entrances in the city.• Luxor means "t


Alexandria, port of Egypt and the Ancient World

• Alexandria is the second capital and commercial port of Egypt.


Giza: city of the Pyramids

• It is part of Greater Cairo


Egypt VS COVID-19 , Will Coronavirus stand still the hot weather in Egypt

Travel  to Egypt is safe and tips to avoid the Corona virusAccording to WHO, Egypt is one of the few countries that best dealing with the


Egypt dream

Egypt, where it all begins ...Travel to Egypt is everyone's dream, either to enjoy its tourist attractions, or to enjoy the