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The Pyramids of Giza, the only wonder of the ancient world still stands

The Pyramids of Giza, the only wonder of the ancient world still stands

They are part of Giza Necropolis. It is located in the city of Giza, 20 km from the center of Cairo. The Pyramids of Giza were built from the II dynasty and reached their maximum splendor in the IV dynasty, 2700 years BC.

Giza Necropolis includes the pyramid complex with the Three Pyramids, the funerary temples and the solar boats of Cheops.

The three Pyramids of Giza: Cheops, Kefren and Micerinos

They are funeral tombs that were built with the purpose of preserving the mummified body of the pharaoh along with his personal belongings: food, animals (some of them are exposed in the Egyptian Museum) to accompany him on his eternal journey.

Mysteries about the Pyramids

The construction of the Pyramids remains as one of the great mysteries of science for more theories that have tried to solve it, however, Egyptian Egyptologists and tour guides are responsible for explaining in detail their history of the Pyramids during excursions to the Pyramids.

Great Pyramid of Cheops

It is the largest pyramid in the world and the only wonder of the ancient world that still stands till today. It has 147 m high and was built with more than 2,000,000 blocks of stone. It is believed that the Great Pyramid has electromagnetic energy near its base.

The second pyramid

It was built under the orders of Pharaoh Kephren, son of Cheops. The pyramid is 136 m high. Although the Pyramid of Chephren is smaller than that of Cheops, it seems taller because it was built on a higher plateau. It is also the only one among the three pyramids that still retains a part of its limestone lining at the top.

Near the Pyramid of Khafre is the Temple of the Valley: it is the funerary temple of King Kephren, in which the mummification and embalming rituals were performed until burying it in his Pyramid.


  The smallest one

Itis the Pyramid of Micerinos, son of Kephren and grandson of Cheops. It is still important because it is the smallest. The pyramid is 64 tall. Near the base are remains of its pink granite extracted from Aswan's stones.

The sphinx

It is the largest sphinx in Egypt. It is a huge sculpture carved in limestone of human head and body of lion. The statue is supposed to symbolize King Kephren. The sphinx was buried under the sands of the desert for many years and became famous for the investigations of the Egyptologists of the Napoleonic occupation . Its denomination in the Arabic language is ‘’ Abu Al - Haul ’’, which means the father of terror because of its imposing profile erected by the Egyptian desert.

 Can i get inside the Pyramids?

Yes, the interior of two of the Pyramids is accessible per annual rotating shift, usually at the first and second.


It is not suitable for claustrophobic and people with spinal pain.

The Pyramids of Giza are the main attraction of Egypt and the most representative souvenir is the greatest memory you will take from it.

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