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Hurghada, Maldives of Egypt

Hurghada, Maldives of Egypt

It is your ideal holiday destination if you are looking to relax and to connect with mother nature!

It is a city located in southeastern Egypt on the Red Sea coast.

Hurghada was a fishing village, but began to develop from the twentieth century due to the movement of tourism and immigration of the inhabitants of Upper Egypt who aspired to work in the tourism sector.

The city of Hurghada has crystal clear and warm water beaches where there is a great diversity of coral flora and fauna.

On the coasts there are several Virgin Islands and beaches perfect for diving, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The Red Sea falls allow the abundance of rare species and a variety of corals.

Attractions of Hurghada

Sand City

It is the first sand museum in the whole world! It contains giant statues made of sand by professionals from all over the world, professionally built, completely made of sand and supported with other preventive materials. The statues represent historical famous people like Alexander the Great and even superhero characters like Spiderman and Sponge Bob.

The largest aquarium in Egypt

It is Grand Aquarium Hurghada, large aquarium that has a varied exhibition of the flora and fauna of the Red Sea.

What to do in Hurghada?

Excursion to the famous Giftun Island

Quads Safari

Bedouin night

Boat trip to Paradise Island

You can visit Hurghada and Cairo in a Private tour to Cairo and Hurghada

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