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Egypt dream

Egypt dream

Egypt, where it all begins ...
Travel to Egypt is everyone's dream, either to enjoy its tourist attractions, or to enjoy the magnificent history of its ancient civilization studied at school. Let’s show you that Egypt is beyond the Pyramids and it is definitely your best choice.

Reasons to travel to Egypt!

• Origen of the human civilization
Egypt is an open museum that includes models of ancient civilizations not only Egyptian but also Greco-Roman, Ptolemaic, Ottoman, Arab, Coptic and Islamic.

• Tailor-made destination
Egypt is definitely one of the cheapest destinations compared to other tourist destinations in Europe, Asia or Africa.
Surely, you can spend a month visiting all the tourist attractions in Egypt and it would cost almost the same as spending two weeks in Europe.

• Has the most delicious food ever 
Egypt has one of the best gastronomies in the middle east, with dishes based on legumes, beef. The star dish is El Koshary: a vegetarian plate made with rice, macaroni, beans and tomato sauce, highly recommended!

• Everything can be done ...
In Egypt you can not only visit the monuments but you can also go on a Nile cruise, in the longest river in the world after the Amazon river in the south of the country, it also makes safari and camps in the western desert and counts with therapeutic tourism in the lagoons of the oases; the most famous one is the oasis of Siwa. If you are an adventurer, you can climb Mount Sinai and delight the best sunrise you'll ever see in your life.

• Fascinating beaches
Egypt has a variety of spectacular beaches on the Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea that includes the best points for snorkeling and diving due to its rich coral reefs and marine fauna.

• Cozy town
The Egyptian people are one of the most hospitable and welcoming habitants. Make yourself at home! Egyptian would be willing to help you get to know their culture and help out if you have problems without any benefits.

Egypt is calling, sign up now!
If you prefer a guided trip, we offer you a classic program with the main points of interest 

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