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Edfu Temple: the land of Horus

Edfu Temple: the land of Horus

Edfu city

The city of Edfu is located on the western bank of the Nile River, 90 km north of Luxor and 211 km from Aswan.

Tourism is the main resource of this town; however, the locals work is more based in agriculture.

The city of Edfu is of great historical importance as it is the place of battle in which Horus overcame his uncle Seth.

 The main attraction in this city is The Temple of Edfu

The Edfu Temple

It is the best preserved temple in all of Egypt thanks to its privileged elevated location on a hill far away from the floods of the Nile River.

It is a Ptolemaic temple built between 237 and 53 bc

The temple of Edfu is dedicated to the falcon god Horus, powerful and celestial god of Ancient Egypt.

This temple is a primary destination included in all the tours and cruises sailing between Luxor and Aswan


The temple has among its reliefs a wonderful scene of the battle of Horus, which to avenge his father Osiris faced Seth, god of the dead according to Egyptian mythology.

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