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Dahab, the most famous beach in Egypt

Dahab, the most famous beach in Egypt

Dahab is a small town located in Sinai Peninsula, one hour from the city of Sharm El Sheikh and almost 536 km from Cairo.

Dahab beaches are considered the best diving beaches in Egypt and the best in the whole world.

The main attraction of the city of Dahab is The Blue Hole known as the Blue Hole, it is formed by archaeological changes. It is a hole in the sea of more than 52 m deep famous for its unique corals.

The Blue Hole is an attractive challenge for diving professionals, however, it records high numbers of deaths of international divers trying to reach their maximum depth.

It is the perfect place for travelers who want to have direct contact with nature

Dahab's most famous beaches

Blue Hole 

Three Pools

Laguna Beach

Canyon Beach

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