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Aswan, the best view of the Nile river

Aswan, the best view of the Nile river

In the Ancient Egyptian era it was known as Syerene, the most important commercial point with Africa.

Is located in Upper Egypt built just after the first waterfall which leads to the Nile river.

Its importance in the ancient world was due to the fact of being the largest red granite stone, material of which The Pyramids were built.

In the city of Aswan there are many islands on the Nile river that show impressive landscapes.

One of the characteristics of Aswan is the Nubian people, an ethnic town that is part of the culture of the city of Aswan with its own customs and traditions.

The city of Aswan is considered a winter destination since it has a dry tropical climate whose temperatures can reach more than 50 ° in the summer.

The main sightseeing in Aswan 

The temple of Abu Simbel

File's temple

The Elephantine Island

The Nubian Museum

The Monastery of San Simón

Agha Khan's Mausoleum

The Kalabsha Temple

Agha Khan's Souk

Not to be missed! 

Light and sound show at the Temple of File

Faluca ride  

 Nubian village day use 

Hot tip

Both a February 22 and October 22 there is Such a unique event, it is an annual solar alignment on the statue of Ramses II, check our Tour to Abu Simbel to witness this great event 

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