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Alexandria, port of Egypt and the Ancient World

Alexandria, port of Egypt and the Ancient World

• Alexandria is the second capital and commercial port of Egypt.

• The city of Alexandria is located in the north of Egypt with access to the Mediterranean Sea.

• The Alexandrian city was founded by the Roman architect Dinócratas de Rodas under the orders of Alexander the Great, the name was chossen by him as capital of the Roman Empire.

Importance of Alexandria in the Ancient World

The importance of Alexandria was due to two reasons:

The lighthouse of Alexandria, a wonder of the ancient world already disappeared

It was built in the third century on the island of Faro. It used to be a guide to the ships and reference point of the port.

The lighthouse of Alexandria was chosen as a wonder of the ancient world because it was the tallest building built by man for many centuries, it was 134 m high.

Unfortunately, the lighthouse was destroyed by earthquakes and disappeared completely in 1480. Its remains were built in the current Queitbay Fortress by the Mamluk Sultan.

• The Library of Alexandria between past and present ...

In ancient times:

It was another wonder of the ancient world. The Library was a research center that housed a large collection of international books and original versions of Greek and Roman works, the base of science, there illustrated great scholars such as Euclid and Archimedes.

It was disappeared because of the fire caused by the troops of Julio Cesar in 48.ac


In 2002, a modern library was built that recalls the old library and collects the cultural legacy of the Napoleonic invasion.

What to see in Alexandria?

-The Alexandria Library

-The Queitbay Fortress

-The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

-The Montazah Palace

-The Pillars of Pompeo

-The Roman Amphitheater


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